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In case you’re curious about what else we do, we have a company named North Coast Eduvisory. North Coast EduVisory was founded in 2019 as a “safe place” for senior-level higher educational colleagues to ask questions about emerging technologies and receive personalized reports.  They wanted advice and guidance for selecting the “right” innovation. They wanted to stay away from the hype and the “white noise” that often surrounds new innovations. We were able to help.

Today, North Coast is a research consultancy. We assist stakeholders as they evaluate emerging technologies to support education and training. We specifically monitor trends, issues and technologies that affect how education and training stakeholders engage with new media and technology for future learning and development endeavors.  

We help leaders identify priorities to select and develop programs that showcase innovations, building institutional capacity using innovations such as generative AI, augmented reality and blockchain to address specific opportunities for supporting student success.